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Party Mercedes-Benz truck/industrie gasketsets

€ 249,00

Brand: Party Mercedes-Benz truck/industrie gasketsets

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Party Mercedes-Benz truck/industrie gasketsets.

For various type's.

94611/364 010 2208 pakkingset
94615/3640104020 pakkingset
PH3612 (A5-28016075) kopset 366/366A
74-28016093 kopset 352/352A (deel 2)
A5-280117032 kopset 314 (deel)
4430140022 carterpakking
3979052 pakking intercooler
PX0706 kleppendekselpakking 364
PK3610 koppakking (30-025093-10)
3521802565 pakking oliekoeler

All in one sale, price: € 249,00 ex. VAT.


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